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Welcome to Home Foreclosure Center

Preparing and educating you so you can buy your next home as soon as possible!

Home Foreclosure Center’s mission is to help people buy homes again after they have gone through the short sale or foreclosure process.  We are the foremost expert on helping our clients buy a home again.   Our entire team is trained on educating and walking each client through this process.  We are finance and foreclosure experts!  Through our three step process, we put you on a detailed plan so you will be ready to purchase a home again soon.  There are so many government loan programs available, many people already qualify to purchase again now!  Our trained experts are ready to answer your questions and get you prequalified to buy a home.  As a division of Flagship Financial Group LLC, we were able to help over 5,000 people buy a home in 2010!

See if you qualify to buy a home again now - After your foreclosure or short sale

There are many scenarios where we can qualify our short sale foreclosure clients immediately!  We have qualifying clients buying again ranging from a couple months after short sale to three years into the process.  Through our three step process:  Educate, Prepare, and Prequalify; we will have you ready for homeownership so you can buy again.

You have the RIGHT to Own a Home Again

To truly live the American dream, home ownership must be achieved.  Millions of people got sucked into home buying frenzy of the early to mid 2000’s.  Money was cheap and available to everyone.  The banks came up with easy qualification loans and the developers, banks and builders raked in the dough.  The banks have been bailed out and they have made it very difficult now to get a loan.  This is where HomeForeclosureCenter comes in.  We believe every American should get the opportunity to own a home.  Where is our bailout?  Millions of people have been forced away from their homes and are looking to get back to their “normal” way of life.  We are HomeForeclosureCenter are helping thousands of people achieve this hope again!  Please call one of our representatives to see if you qualify now and to see what you need to do to own a home again.

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