New Lender that funds short sale loans has recently partnered with an aggressive lender who will fund short sale loans within two years of a short sale.  The usual time wait time is three years but our new lender can help you buy a home within three years in certain circumstances. 

We have also closed many folks that went through the foreclosure and bankruptcy process within two years!  In each of these cases, there were medical reasons why the home was let go and with the proper documentation, we were a...

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Buying A Home After Bankruptcy

Here at, our mission statement is to help folks buy a home again after foreclosure, short sale and bankruptcy.  Many times, a bankruptcy becomes part of the foreclosure process.  We make it a point to become the leading experts on buying a home after a bankruptcy.  Yes, the word bankruptcy can make anyone cringe but the reality is bankruptcy gives an individual a new, fresh start.  Whether you have had financial hardship, foreclosure, job loss, etc., we are her...

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Short Sales and VA Home Loans

Recently I was working with a new client who had a short sale close 2 years ago.  As we were looking over this couple options, I asked them if either one of them had served in the military.  The husband informed me he served in the Army years ago.  I immediately asked him if he ever used his entitlement to get a VA loan.  He had not!  VA Loans are the best programs to get back into the market as a buyer.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, you can buy again after short sale or foreclosure after only one year!  For normal circumstance such as financial difficulty, job relocation etc., the wait period is only two years.  My client did a short sale because he wife was laid off from her job and they were coming up short on their payments each month.  They have paid down  their debts over the past year, their credit scores are around 640 today and they are both fully employed.  They just went into contract on a new home in Northern California and will be closing on a home again after a short sale within only two years!!  Once again, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you have a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy in your past.  The best thing you can do is call one of foreclosure specialist so we can tell you where you are in the process and so we can prepare you to buy again.  We can also work and educate your realtor on the process and how to structure your offer.  Always makes me feel great when I can help someone buy a home again after life altering short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy. 

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FHA Loans Are Great for Helping Home Buyers Buy Again After Short Sale, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

There is a reason why FHA loans are the most popular loans in America right now-----great rates and low down payments!  FHA loans also have the fastest turnaround time for folks who went through a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Generally it takes three years to get back into the market again but there are many circumstances that FHA recognizes that allow you to buy much faster.  Sometimes as fast as one year!  It is crucial that you work with an expert who can navigate you through the matrix of requirements to buy a home again.  All we do at is help folks buy a home again.  We know our stuff!


General requirements for an FHA loan are the following:


Minimum Down Payment is 3.5%

Minimum Credit Scores are 580

Max Debt To Income Ratio is 55%

Be employed for the past two years


Another nice feature of an FHA loan is you can have the Seller contribute up to 6% of the purchase price to closing costs.  This significantly reduce your out of pocket costs at closing.  The only requirement in terms of cash out of your pocket is you have to come in with the 3.5% down payment.   You can also receive some or all of your down payment.  The government insures these loans so the lenders love to underwrite them.  In fact, FHA loans are usually priced about .25% better than conventional loans. 


FHA loans are the best option for folks buying a home again after short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy.

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Welcome to our Home Foreclosure Center Blog

We are please to be launching our very own blog. We hope you enjoy the content, the articles, the videos and the comments from all of our readers.

Our goal is to get all those who suffered from the housing collapse back into the reality of home ownership. Whether you had to short sale, or even went into foreclosure, we can help you own a home again!

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